“Mold” — What, Where and How?

“Mold” — What, Where and How?

Mold is organic and is everywhere. Under the right set of conditions, it can actually start to grow inside your house.

Areas where Mold typically grows:

  1. Attics (Leaks, excessive heat, poor ventilation).
  2. Kitchens & Bathrooms (Leaks, excessive moisture & lack of ventilation).
  3. Basements (Water penetration & poor ventilation)

With the increased humidity in the summer months, more and more mold issues are being found. If you or your seller suspect mold in the home, we suggest:

  1. Obtaining more information from http://www.rootshomeinspection.com/mold/
  2. We highly recommend the go to moldtips.com link
  3. Take action immediately.

Mold evaluations are not well regulated. To clean areas larger than 10 square feet, consult an industrial hygienist.