Plumbing Pitfalls – Don’t Let Them Slow Your Sale!

Here are the Top Seven Plumbing Red Flags:pluming

  • Corroded sink traps
  • Leaking sink/shower faucets
  • Slow moving drains
  • Re-caulked perimeter of the fixtures
  • Toilet bowl loose at the floor
  • Water heater near end of life
  • Corroded or pitted galvanized/brass pipe 

Vacant listing tips:

1) Disconnect hoses to outside faucets – the faucet can freeze & crack.

2) Shut main water off at the water meter, especially in the winter when
the heat can go out and pipes can freeze and burst.

A pre-inspection of your listing will flag these plumbing issues and others.
Call Roots Home Inspection for a pre-inspection of your listing and
prevent delays
in the sales process.  
These items can be easily corrected.