Rates & Packages

To get an idea of the pricing for a Home Inspection we have included the following chart.


When you contact us to schedule we will provide an exact price. Prices vary by the house age, square footage, # of baths, # of bedrooms, # of kitchens, and other components (garage, basement, fireplaces).

Pricing for Structure, Radon and Termite.

Property Square footage Maximum Beds Maximum Baths Home Inspection Only Home Inspection w/ Termite Home Inspection w/ both Termite & Radon
Condo 1 Level                       1000-1250   2  2  300/350 350/395  
Town House <1500 3 2 395 425/450 525/550
 House 1 Family <2000  3 400/500  450/550 595/695 
2  Family   2 1 550/600 625/675 750/795
3  Family 700/800 775/875 895/995
Commercial Please Call


  • Radon testing is 125
  • Houses without a basement usually do not require radon testing
  • Condos on the 2nd floor usually do not require termite testing
  • Termite testing includes all wood destroying insects (termite, powder post beetles, carpenter ants and carpenter bees).
  • Laboratory testing of lead, mold and asbestos is available. This has an additional cost of $195 dollars per sample. see this document

Other Frequently Asked Questions of Inclusions

Roots Home Inspection can arrange and complete your home inspection in New Jersey.  We can also help arrange and oil tank sweep and Sewer Scope

Cost of an  oil tank sweep is  $250.

Cost of a sewer Scope is $ 300

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