mold1What is Mold? Where is it found? Is it present in the home I am purchasing?

Mold has been around forever but we have been hearing a lot more about it in recent years. Mold grows in warm, wet/damp environments. This growth can be hazardous to your health and can be destructive to your home. Mold is sometimes visible to the eye. We can identify and take samples to be tested in a laboratory when it is visible.

Poor Ventilation, Water Penetration & Damp Conditions

Mold growth can be prevented and stopped by eliminating moisture and warmth; but it will not kill the mold that is already there. Existing mold must be removed and conditions maintained.

mold2Attics, Basements, Kitchens and Bathrooms.

We have found mold in attics with poor ventilation, in basements with water penetration and various other areas. During a home inspection we can identify visible mold, and environment that could cause the growth. Mold can be found in attics with poor ventilation, in basements with water penetration and in kitchens and bathrooms in need of repair/maintenance.

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“Beware of Fraud”
“ONLY” guy that did not charge anything and told her it was not mold. One guy tested and said no mold. All the others said it was mold and presented huge remediation price tags.


And here is another excellent video that tells it all – frankly I could not have said it better myself !



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