While some clients prefer google to express their opinions of their inspection service.  Many, Many of our clients prefer to email us directly.  Here are some emails from our satisfied Clients, Realtors and Lawyers:

Kristen Grazia – client 9/28/22  We were extremely pleased with Bill Jr. during this inspection. He is thorough, holds a keen eye, and had immense patience with our questions (especially as first time home buyer’s).

Margery and William Humphrie – client – 8/30/22 Many thanks for an excellent and thorough inspection.  As discussed, we will review your Website for contractors should we move forward with the purchase of this property.

Mary Beth Ballesteros – client 8/27/22 Thank you. Good Luck to you too on continued success with your business, It was a pleasure dealing with your son,

Kelly Lenard-Chadwick – client 8/11/22 Thank you for your very thorough evaluation, Bill! It was a pleasure to learn more about our house from you.

Allan Valvano – client – 6/10/22 You did an excellent job.  Professional, thorough and you have  wonderful personality.  I appreciate your knowledge and frankness and the detailed report.  Your entire team did great. Please feel free to use me as a referral source

Patricia Vitali – client – 5/23/22 – Thank you, Melanie…. And please thank Bill for me.  It was great meeting him and I appreciate all his knowledge and recommendations and everything! 🙂

Davis Leng – client – 5/16/22 – We appreciate you Bill!

Diane Haluszka – client – 42222 – Thank you so much for all your help with this new venture of ours!! You have been phenomenal to work with!

Michael Miller client – 42922 – Appreciate the quick turn on the report and work on the weekend.  We will review and get back to you with any questions.

Jennifer Loga – client 33122 – Thank you for the report, Bill.  I sincerely appreciate your thoroughness and detail!

Joseph Signorella – client -22922 – Thanks for a good job and sensible comments towards the condition of the property, and, the owner has already began to address items that deserve a repair,Joe

Jamie Macleod – client – 20722 – Thanks Bill! Really great to meet you, thanks for all your help, and best wishes,

Nicole Walsh client – 120721Thank you so much for the quick turn around with this report!

Kevin Dex – client – 112221 – Again, thank you so much for taking the time to come out and see the house.  We really appreciate how professional and thorough you were with the inspection and will definitely recommend you to others.

Sylvia Bush – client – 100721 – Thank you for conducting a thorough inspection.

Diane Curtis -realtor 9/2021 – Shout out to home inspector Bill Roots of Roots home inspection for going above and beyond and being the  professional that you are

Garland Thomas McDavid – client 8/2021 – Thank you for the report. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Yadvinder Sodhi – client 8/2021 – Thank you for doing the inspection. Home inspector was very professional and highly recommended to my friends and future inspections. I am very pleased with the work done.

Karen Elliott  – client 8/2021 – Thank you Bill. Lovely to meet you yesterday.  Enjoy the fishing!!

Adelmo Velasco – client 8/2021 – Thanks so much Bill. It was great picking up those tips from you. You’re a pro’s pro.

Pravin Trade – client 08/2021 – Thank you for the super quick service, Bill.

David – Client – 7/2021 – Thanks so much Bill. Your knowledge and attention to detail was greatly appreciated during this inspection. Please be well.

Anne S – Realtor – 06/2021  – Great to meet bill jr!  He did a great job

John – client 06/2021 – Thank you for the two inspection reports. We will review and come back with any questions. Thank you for your diligence and timely turn-around.

Jeremey – client – 6/2021- Thank you for the thorough report and all the information. Everything was very helpful!

Rosina – client 4/2021 We are reviewing everything next week with our attorney, and really appreciate your team’s guidance and professionalism.

Daisy – client – 3/2020 – Thanks Bill!  Hopefully the lawyer can help out with negotiations, but the few items of bigger concern were noted really well! 🙂 Really thanks!  Makes me feel much better writing those gigantic checks!

Dorothy and John  – clients  3/2021  – Good afternoon. A pleasure meeting you and Bill Jr. yesterday, and thank you for your comprehensive and illuminating inspection report. We have read the report and will review your concerns and advisements with George Hansen, as soon as possible. Again, thank you.

Angelle – client – 2/2020 – Thanks again for the inspection! We appreciate how thorough the inspection was and that you took the time to explain things to us.

Alexander – realtor – 1/2021 Hi Bill – Thank you very much!!

Bruce and Ileana – client 12/2020 – Thank you so much for all of your help.

Tom – client – 11/2020 – Thanks for coming out Bill, it was a pleasure working with you!

Erin – property manager 9/2020 – Thank you, Bill! It was a pleasure meeting you.

Janet – customer 9/2020 – Thank you for the report and the prompt turn around time.  It was a pleasure working with you,

Maureen – realtor – 7/2020 – Thanks for the speedy turnaround!  MD

Paul – customer – 5/2020 – I wanted to thank you again for the work you did on the home inspection. It’s greatly appreciated.’

Tim – customer – 5/2020 – Thanks so much, Bill, for both this and the general inspection report.  Very thorough and much appreciated.  Good to get to know you a bit.

Loivel – customer 5/10/20 – Many thanks to you sir, for your exceptional service. Also we appreciate the  kindness  that you shown in relation the fees charged. I pray that God will bless and expand your business even more. I have your email so we’ll keep in touch  when the need arises. Thanks a million again.

Seth – customer 5/4/20 – Thanks, Bill!  It was a pleasure working with you with you.

Tony Pagano – Customer – 2/2220 Bill, Thank you for the detailed report. I’m very pleased with the job you did.

Mehul – customer 02/1020 – Hi Bill! You had helped us in 2013 when we purchased our home in Summit and our kids are bigger and we are thinking about a home better sized for us.  Are you still inspecting homes in the region?  We had a great experience and thought of you first.  There is a home we are considering an offer on, but thought your professional opinion would be really valuable.  Look forward to hearing from you.  —

Jay – customer – 2/8/2020  Thanks, Bill! Your son Bill IV did a great job. I will refer him if my friends or co-workers ask for a plumber service. I also hope he make his career dreams come true. Thanks again for your help.

Mahesh – customer 01/31/20 Thanks a lot Bill. Your home inspection was really detailed and very helpful. Our experience working with you was great. Will definitely recommend you to my connections in future.

Yes I know there is a big gap here — I stopped posting Thank you comments.

Victor Tavarez – realtor 2/05/15  – Thank you for the prompt report.  Looking forward to working with you soon.

Nicolas Frantzen – client 10/22/14 – I wanted to reach out and thank you for the quality of the inspection and the report provided. If you need any references in the future feel free to reach out.

Alex & Virginia – client – 8/29/14  – Thanks again for your help and I will recommend Bill to anybody needs a home inspection

Lynn Palumbo – client – Thank you very much very professionally done!

Andrew Chen – client- 6/19/14  – Bill, thanks again for the inspection, it was very helpful.  Appreciate your time.  Thanks.

Linda George – client – 2014 – Great! Thank you so much, Bill. It’s been a pleasure. I’ll certainly get in touch if I need anything else.

Tom Lawrowski – client 2014 – Thank you all very much for everything! I was extremely pleased with the level of service and professionalism I received. I’ll be sure to recommend Roots to other buyers.

Eric and Helen McFerran – client – 2014 – Thank you for your promptness and comprehensive report Bill.

David Luna – client – 2014 – Bill –  Thank you for getting this report out so quickly.  It was great meeting with you yesterday and more importantly the attention you paid to detail.  It was a pleasure working with you.

Colin Shaunnessey- client – 2014 – Thanks Bill.  I am glad that Jon recommended you for the inspection.

George Rogers – realtor – 2013 – Thank you for your immediate follow up and speed of your report and making this inspection.

Nayman – client – 2013 – Fantastic!  Thanks for your expertise and efficiency; it was a pleasure working with you.  We will surely recommend you to anyone we know buying a house in the region.

Kerry Ricci – client – 2013 – Thanks for all your help yesterday and for the timely report. We appreciate it.

Louis Sass – client – 2013 – Thanks very much. We were delighted Mr. Roots could do the inspection and were very impressed with his expertise and procedures.  Please convey our warm thanks for his thorough and comprehensive report.

Muha – client – 6/17/13 – Thank you for your prompt and fast turn around – Best

William Welsh – client – 5/30/13 – Thank you Bill for your help yesterday and the thorough inspection.  It was very helpful.

Robert Zotti – client – 5/20/13 – Thank you so much for this report.  I have purchased several homes in my life and have never been met with such professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge that Ray provided.  Ray was great.  Ray truly cared about my family in giving us the best information possible.  Thanks again.  I will recommend Roots Home Inspection to all of my friends.  Have a wonderful day.

Russell Kivler – client –  5/1/13 – Thanks, Bill.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  Russ

Sichong Dai- client –  4/9/13  – Thanks for the timely delivery of the nicely detailed inspection report!

Julie Morris – client –  2/27/13 – I just wanted to say it was such a pleasure to meet you and your friend who inspected for termites yesterday. This move is a bit overwhelming, as not from being familiar with New Jersey, nor from the area and also emotional, but you really helped yesterday with all of that. Your vast knowledge, frankness, and all the advice you shared and time spent was so appreciated – it was huge yesterday!!!

Lisa Robinson – client –  12/17/12 – Thank you so much for sending this over. And thank you for meeting with us so quickly! We really appreciate it.

Mike Flaherty- client –  12/7/12 – Thank you for your help and great advice.  It was a pleasure working with you!

Dan and Lisa Halpern- client – 9/6/12 –  Thanks! It was a pleasure working with you.

Ying Cai- client –  8/9/12 –  Thank you very much for your thorough work and timely report!

Dominick Zurzolo  – client –  7/24/12  –  Thank you for a great job. We were very impressed and would be more than happy to refer your business.

Sher’ri Bell – client –  6/25/12  –  This information is very thorough and it will help me to address these issues more efficiently.  You were great and I learned a lot of usefully information!

Carmen Cojoc –  client – 4/15/12  –  Thank you for everything, working with you was a pleasure. I’ll make sure I recommend your services to all my friends.

John Flynn –  client -1/21/12  –  I want to thank you for all the information you provided. Heather and I truly appreciate it.

Jan & Jeff Allen –  client -10/11/11 – Jan and I cannot thank you enough for the assistance each of you provided to help us achieve our dream of owning a house.

Angelina Martins –  client -10/10/11 –  Just wanted to let you know that Bill was absolutely awesome to work with…  He was very thorough, communicated well with us and was extremely insightful and helpful.  Thanks again for a very positive experience.

Escalona –  client – 5/25/11  – Thanks for emailing the results!! Its very detailed and easy to understand.

Patty White – realtor – 4/18/11  –  Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job for Carolyn and Frank.  I appreciate it!

Debra Karrat – client –  3/28/11  – Thank you so much for your quick turn-around and thoroughness. It was a pleasure to meet you. We will be writing a positive review for you online.

Miles Dolphin –  client -3/11/11 – Perfect!!!!  Thank you very much Bill!  It was great working with you.  Very informative

Jonny Chung –  client -1/22/11  – My mother and I wanted to thank you for doing an amazing and thorough inspection. Thanks for making it both comfortable and educational!
Vatsal Parikh-  client -10/29/10 – Thanks for the quick turn around

Peter Ostberg-  client -8/28/10 – Just wanted to thank you for doing our inspection today.  I appreciated your candor and advice.

Jenny  Wolkowicki –  client -8/26/10  – It was nice seeing you yesterday. Thanks for the thorough report and write up of the inspection.

Mazzara –  client -8/17/10 – Thanks for your help. Really appreciated your help yesterday.

Wanda Toro-  client -8/10/10 – I just wanted to thank you for such a thorough, top-quality report.  Your documentation is exceptional and is not only helpful with our negotiations, but extremely valuable in our planning for our new home.

Marie Mullery-  client –  8/1/10 – Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly.  It was nice meeting you.  Thanks again

Gloria Bryant   7/30/10 – Thank you so much Melanie. It was a pleasure working with you and your husband on this inspection.

Heather Franca and Joe Vidal-  client –   4/26/10 – I wanted to thank you again for your assistance with the inspection of our house at 405 Burroughs Terr in Union. We were very impressed with you and your services and appreciate your work.

Jack Egan-  client –  3/22/10 – Thank you. Very nice meeting you on Saturday and thanks for all your help and suggestions. We will keep them in mind for the future.

Teri Hansen-  client – 3/17/10 – Thanks so much for the report.  We are so pleased with the service you provided us yesterday, and will definitely recommend you to our friends! We learned a lot and I also really like the format of your report — we will definitely be using it as check-off sheet to make repairs in the future!

Krista Valez-  client –     3/10/10  – Thanks again for the thorough home inspection yesterday. We really value the recommendations that were given to us.

Ana Viegas-  client –      2/16/10  – Thank you so much for accommodating our request to have this done yesterday. It looks very thorough.

Donovan Coney – 2/5/10 – Thank you Sir for everything! Have a great weekend.  God Bless

George Chwang – 1/18/10  -Thank you very much for your help. This is my 3rd time to buy a property but it’s my first time to see the best inspector for the home inspection. I also received the report for the Termite Inspection. I will tell my experience to the people around me.

Elizabeth Kostolansky – client – 10/1/09 – Thanks for this information – you guys did a good job on the inspection and we’ll use you again.

Laichun – client – 9/16/09 – Thanks for the prompt reports. It was a pleasure working with Bill. He is very knowledgeable and gave us great maintenance tips.

Carol and Vance Simone – client – 7/1/09 – Thank you, it was a pleasure to met you

Marilyn Holda-Fleck – realtor – 6/13/09 – Thank you — appreciate your promptness.

James, client    – 6/12/09 – Thanks Melanie, it was a pleasure working with you both.  Take care.

Jackie Waldman – realtor  – 6/10/09 – It was a pleasure working with you today. Thank you for your time, attention and detailed report. Look forward to many more inspections.

JP – client – 3/28/09  – Thank you very much.  It’s been a pleasure working w/ you.

Scott – client – 3/23/09 – Thank you Bill for the thorough inspection and timely delivery of the report.

Vinny and Tricia Frasca, client     – 2/19/09 – Thank you for expediting this so quickly.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Gemma Ali  – 9/13/08  – Thanks Melanie, We were very impressed with Bill, please pass on our thanks to him for his services and we will let you know if we need any more info.

Gordon, client – 9/1/2008  – Hi Melanie,  Thank you for the prompt report. I’m also very impressed by Bill’s professionalism, detailed inspection and explanations.

Lisa Fischer, realtor – 8/14/08  – Hi Bill, The buyer was very happy with the home inspection outcome and realizes that the home is in overall good condition.

JenniferDelpert  – 8/8/08 – Bill- I just wanted to say thank you and it was very nice working with you today on my home inspection.  You made things very clear and understandable and helped to put my mind at ease. Thanks again!!

Tommy McKoy – 7/24/08  – Thank you for sending the report. It has been a pleasure working with you!

Richard Shakarchi  – 7/11/08 – Thank you very much – this was very helpful, and we appreciate your efforts to complete this in our tight timeframe!

Gemma Ali – client – 9-13-08″We were very impressed with Bill, please pass on our thanks to him for his services and we will let you know if we need any more info.”

Gordon Wong- client – 9-1-08 “Thank you for the prompt report. I’m also very impressed by Bill’s professionalism, detailed inspection and explanations.”

Jennifer Deppert- client – 8-8-08 I just wanted to say thank you and it was very nice working with you today on my home inspection.  You made things very clear and understandable and helped to put my mind at ease. ”

McKoy – Client – 7-24-08 Thank you for sending the report. It has been a pleasure working with you!”

Richard Shakarchi- Client – 7-11-08 Thank you very much – this was very helpful, and we appreciate your efforts to complete this in our tight timeframe!”

Kelli & Greg Williams – client 7-8-08 “Thanks for the report and thank you again for doing such a great & thorough job! I will definitely rec you to our friends!”

Thomas and Jean Fong 6-17-08 “Thank you for your assistance in our home inspection. You came our way with high regards from our attorney. And now we know why. You were prompt, thorough and explicit in your explanations. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know in the market for a new home.”

Robert Winters – realtor – 6-3-08 “Thanks so much for your time & attention.., and especially for helping me get Protank out on a Saturday.  I stood up in staff meeting and recounted this story for the entire office to hear.  I think the message got out load and clear, your company stands out as head and shoulders above the rest.  Thanks for everything.”

Robert E. Berg, Esq. – Lawyer – 5-22-08 If I may, fore a home inspector, I suggest using Roots Home Inspections. I know Bill Root and I have seen his reports and work on many occasions. I find him to be the best and most diligent I have worked with. His number is 908-917-0028. If you choose to go with them, Melanie is his partner and she will schedule the appointment.”

Elan Arbitsman, Esq.- Client – 5-19-08 “Thanks Melanie.  I’m looking forward to reading the report.  Bill was incredibly informative on Saturday.  Please thank him again for me.”

Mike Fitzgerald – Client – 5-14-08 Thank you Melanie.  I’m very excited to read the report.  I really appreciate your expediency and professionalism and ask that you please give our regards to Bill. It was a pleasure meeting him; his level of expertise was astounding and what a genuinely nice person!

Patty White – Realtor – 5-7-08  Thank you Bill…good job!”

Susan Devaney – Realtor – 4-26-08  “Thanks so much Bill for your inspection for my buyers at the 4 Fifth Ave House. You have such a great and patient manner of explaining things to nervous buyers and sellers.”

Fernon Byron – Client – 1-16-08  “Thanks Melanie.  Tell Bill I said it was pleasure to meet him, and thank him for everything.”

Joyce – Realtor – 12-13-07  “Thank you for getting this report out to us so quickly.”

Yadira Borrayo – Realtor – 12-10-07 Thank you for the report.  Please tell Bill that my client was absolutely pleased with his work, I was really glad to hear that, though I know Bill is excellent, that’s why I recommend him. Thanks again. You guys work really well!”

Michael George – Client – 11-5-07 “We wanted to thank you for an excellent job. Look forward to working with you in the future”

Nadia Brunetto – Realtor – 11-2-07 Thank you so much for your professionalism and flexibility. It was much appreciated.  You are at the top of my list as a recommended home inspector!!”

Franco Gamba – Real Estate Investor – 5-9-07 “Melanie/Bill -Just wanted to say thanks a million for the inspections. Bill was SOO polite and we breezed through the units. Report was dead on and we already received notice that the seller is addressing everything noted in the reports. Bill, again, we are working on a few other things so as soon as they bear fruit, I’ll be giving you a call again. It’s nice to start building a good relationship.”

TJ Shah – Client – 4-24-07 Melanie, Bill – Thanks for your prompt response. I appreciate it.”

Stacy Weinman – Client – 4-18-07 “Thanks so much. He was terrific!  It was a pleasure working with him.”

Yogita Ramnarayan – Client – 4-18-07 Bill/Melanie, Thank you for your prompt response to this inspection. It is very much appreciated.”

Ehambaram Sundaresan – Investor – 4-16-07 “Thanks for your expeditious action.”

Teri Malone – Realtor – 4-11-07 “Thanks again for a superb job! As usual, you connected with my buyer and made them feel very comfortable about the home they’ve chosen. And even the seller mentioned he was “very impressed” with your knowledge and professionalism. Someone mentioned, after you left, that they didn’t know anybody who would come out on Sunday. What I love is your 24 hour turnaround with the report – and getting it in my email – that is such a boon! But the best thing for me is when my clients said they are “really glad we chose you as our Realtor … you really know all the best people!” So my hat’s off to you, Bill!.”

Yinghui Lin – Client – 4-9-07 “Thank you very much for doing the home inspection for us. your suggestions are really important and helpful to us.”

Arlene Wittig – Realtor – 3-19-07 “The inspection went well and I do appreciate your services, I will put you on my list and tell everyone in the office about your services

Jeni DiVirgilio – Realtor – 2-2-07 “Thank you, Bill. It is truly a pleasure working with you. I know that you will always be there before and even after the inspection. Getting your report emailed to me, the client and the attorney within a 24 hour period is incredible! I look forward to the next one.”

Sanur Shenoy – Client – 1-27-07 “Thank you for the Report. I thank Bill for the very professional manner the Inspection was carried out and also for the friendly advice.”

Tomasz & Agata Capala – Client – 1-26-07 “Thank you very much for your services. It was real pleasure to do business with both of you. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friends that will be buying home in the future. Thank you again.”

Yadira Borrayo – Client – 12-1-07 “Thank you for all your help! Please also tell Bill I said Thank You. You both have been very professional and helpful. I look forward to doing more business with you. Take care.”

Bill – Client 11-5-07 “Once again, I want to thank you for all you did for us. I will now recommend you to my little sister who is also buying a home in West Milford. I will recommend you to everyone in my office also. Thank you for everything” N

ick DiIorio – 10-10-06 “Thank you for sending this over so quickly. Please thank Bill as well. He does very good work”

Lenore – Client – 10-09-06 “Melanie, you and Bill are both great. My preferred inspector was too busy and I didn’t want to spend time searching for a reputable, reasonable inspector. Your website attracted me somehow (?) and you convinced me on your price and service. Then, Bill was at the site… on time! was knowledgeable, respectful and helpful. I just wanted to share this with you. I am sure your business will prosper if you deal with everyone they way you’ve dealt with me.”

Barbara Kizis – Realtor – 9-17-06 “Thank you for the prompt report. Also, as the realtor, I was pleased with how well Bill explained his findings to the clients. He was careful to point out the severity or the commonplace aspects of the various conditions noted.” A

riel – Client – 8-31-06 “Thanks so much for your help the other day! And it was great to meet Bill – he is terrific! I can’t wait to recommend you guys. Have a nice Labor Day weekend!”

Carmen Tyler McLendon – Realtor -8-22-06 “Thank you for great service as always.”

Erin M. Nadeau, Esq. – Lawyer – 7-25-06 “Thanks. Good to be working with you again.”

Maureen and Bill Johnston – Client – 7-23-06 “Thank you very much. We will be sure to include you in our house warming party. We really appreciate the time you spent with us on Friday”

Eddie Maldonado Jr. – Client – 7-20-06 “I would like to thank you for the services you have provide me on a short notice. I also appreciate the explanations you made to me in details of the house. Thanks again.”

Melisa – Realtor – 7-19-06 “Thanks for everything.” Mary Anne Mendes – Client – 6-28- 06 “Bill is very thorough and very informative. Will recommend him highly.”

Andrew John Calcagno, Esq, – Lawyer – 6-14-06 “Thank you. You are very professional.”

Ilori Mancini – Realtor – 6-14-06 “Appreciate you getting the report done so quickly. Thank you for your assistance. Throughout the inspection. If you ever need a reference, I’d be happy to be one for you.”

Elizabeth “Beth” Kroncke – Realtor – 04/25/06 “Thanks again for an efficient inspection and a timely delivered report. I am always pleased to recommend you. You make me look good. Thanks again. Pleasure working with you.”

Joe Fox – Son of Buyer – 04/08/06 “Thanks for the inspection report. I have forwarded a copy on to my mother. It was great speaking with you yesterday. Thanks for doing such a professional job.”

Nadia – Client – 04/02/06 “Thank you so much for your prompt report.”

Ray Pardon – Realtor – 03/12/06 “Thanks for the prompt report. Nice meeting you and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Bruno Nunes – Client/Mortgage Rep – 02/13/06 “Thanks for sending me the Inspection so quickly. I have a colleague that will call you soon he is purchasing a 1 Family home somewhere in the New Brunswick area.”

Ingrid Davis-Duncan – Client – 01/31/06 “Thank you for all of your help and patience.”

Amer Khalil – Client – 01/23/06 “Thanks for the report and thanks for all your help.”

Phyllis Caretto – Client – 01/17/06 “Many thanks for the report. Both my son and I enjoyed meeting with you and would highly recommend you in the future. Good luck to you and your wife with these three handsome guys, each one unique.”

Marl Christian – Client – 01/07/06 Thank you for your services, I was very pleased with you thorough inspection. I will pass your name along in the future to anyone who asks if I know an inspector.”

Juan and Gail Iglesias – Client – 01/02/06 Bill thanks for your prompt report.”

June – Client – 12/10/05 “Thanks very much for reminding me and for your great service. I would recommend you to everyone in need of inspection.”

Laiza and Leo Lascarda – Client – 10/14/05 “I just wanted to thank you for your attention, Leo and I are very happy with the choice the we’ve made on having you as the inspector on “our house to be”…”

Steve Prussman – Client – 10/09/05 “Thank you very much for your time on Saturday. You were very professional and took the time to explain the intricate details of the house and we appreciate that

Greg Nadan – Client – 09/27/05 I just read the report and wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your level of detail and thoroughness! Thanks for doing a great job, and all your input! Greatly appreciated!”

Dawn Wolf – Realtor – 09/18/05 “Thank you so much for coming out Saturday. The report looks great. I also appreciate that you sent a copy directly to Burt. I look forward to working with you in the future

Deepa Raya – Client – 09/02/05 Bill did an amazing job of going thru each element carefully and explaining the maintenance procedure as well. Thank you for all the time and patience. I appreciate all the help.”