Lead Paint Sampling

What is Lead? Where is it found? Is it present in the home I am purchasing?


The presence of lead paint is NOT included in your Inspection. As with radon, you cannot see, taste or smell the presence of lead in your home. Lead paint particles can be hazardous by breathing or swallowing lead dust. Also small children might ingest soil or paint chips containing lead.                                         


The use of lead paint was banned in 1978

Click on this booklet to get a copy of the EPA guidelines “To Protect Your Family from Lead in your home “

Peeling, chipping, chalking, or cracking lead-based paint is a hazard. If requested we can take samples of paint and send it to a laboratory to determine lead content.lead2

Lead Particulars that are ingested or dust that is inhaled is hazardous to your health.

Note: Lead-based paint that is in good condition is usually not a hazard.

For more information on lead visit the EPA site at http://www.epa.gov/lead

If you are concerned about lead in your home, we can call in a specialist.


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