Oil Tank Sweeps

tanksweepUnderground storage tanks can be a hazard. It is important to be sure that your house does not have an underground oil tank buried on the property. At Roots Home Inspection we do not complete the underground oil tank inspections. We can arrange for a Tank Sweep Company to come at the time of inspection. You can request this service when you book your home inspection.

During the regular home inspection we cannot determine, with certainty, that there is no underground oil tank. We check for obvious signs of buried oil tanks, such as pipes coming through the basement wall/floor or fill pipes in the yard.  The only way to be sure there is no buried tank is to have an electronic scan done on the property. We strongly recommend a scan. It costs about $250 and is performed by a certified company. If the owner claims to have removed a tank than you must obtain all paperwork including removal certifications and inspections to protect yourself against future problems. We do not evaluate any oil tanks, above or underground. If you know that an underground tank is present, be sure that the seller has tank insurance and have it transferred to you at or before closing. If no insurance policy exists, you should have it tested, certified and insured by a qualified company prior to closing. Also, ask at what age they will stop insuring the tank.


The U.S. Environmental Agency’s website is good source of information for Underground Storage Tanks www.epa.gov/ust

We do not complete Tank Sweeps. But we can arrange for a sub contractor to come at the same time to conduct this service when possible.  This testing will be completed during your inspection.

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