What is Covered in Our Home Inspection?  A home inspection is often referred to as the structural inspection. The Home Inspection includes an overall assessment of all visible and accessible components and systems in your house. As definite by the State of New Jersey.

11840316-house-search-and-house-hunting-for-real-estate-in-a-good-neighborhood-for-sale-that-need-to-be-inspeCheck out this link to view a “VIDEO for more information. This video details the components of a Home Inspection. Most clients will request a WDI or Termite evaluation, Radon testing and Tank Sweep.  We can help recommend Radon and/or Termite testing where it is necessary or advisable. We can arrange for all service to seamlessly be conducted that the same time.   More information on these inspections can be found at:

 Structure  Termite  Radon

Depending on the age, structure and components of the house, these inspections may also be requested:

 Tank Sweep Septic Mold Asbestos Lead Testing