Pre Sale “SELLERS” Walk-throughs

“WALK & TALK” House Reviews

We are bringing back the Pre-sale SELLERS Walk-throughs. We are offering this service to help sellers through a market of Low inventory and High interest rates.  Housing competition is steep and sellers need to know how to price and what items to fix prior to sale. Additionally, Pre-Sale Inspections may uncover issues that a seller or did not know where present.

WHO: This service is ideal for

  • Sellers who are not sure how their house is going to fare in the market
  • Clients who are flipping/rehabbing a house and are not sure what is going to come up in a home inspection
  • Buyers who desire a Pre-offer Consultation


  • Provide information on how to efficiently allocate funds towards repairs prior to listing a house
  • Avoid surprises that would be uncovered during a buyer’s home inspection.


  • We will verbally cover the full inspection components
  • This walkthrough will also include our years of experiences as a seller and as rehabbing houses
  • Verbal consultation and No documentation is provided

COST:  Cost varies based on the house components. Pricing is approximately ½ a full documented home inspection

This narrative will include the inspector’s opinion and experience. This finding will not be shared outside of the walk through. There is a risk to this walkthrough because without proper documentation there is room for misunderstanding.  We always suggest a full documented inspection as the best view of a property.

The market is changing and we here at Roots Inspection Services continue to change to offer the support to sellers and buyers. Additionally, at the beginning of the year we began offering the required Lead “SAFE”  for landlord inspections. We continue to offer a full service scheduling of your home inspection , termite, tank sweep and sewer scope at the same time as your inspection.

To schedule a Home Inspection, Lead Safe Inspection or a Walk & Talk Reviews.  Please call 908 769-0028, text 908 917-5771 or schedule online at