Repair Estimates


For your convenience we have included a list of estimated prices of the most common repairs. Prices and job content will vary throughout the state of New Jersey, by county and by contractor. These are rough estimates. These estimates are provided only as a general basis and Roots Home Inspection is not suggesting that these prices will hold when and if you actually hire a contractor.

Roofing – Flashings – Chimneys

Install conventional asphalt shingles  8,000-15,000

Chimney sweep $ 250 and up

Replace chimney cap $300 and up

Exterior Install gutters and downspout $10 / lin. ft. and up

Install soffits and fascia $20 / lin. ft and up

Install vinyl siding $ 15 / sq. ft. and up

Parge foundation walls $15 / sq. ft. and up

Garages – Decks – Retaining Walls – Foundation

Replace garage door opener $800 -1500 and up

Install basement support post with proper foundation 1000-2000 and up

Perform chemical treatment for termites $800 and up

Repair minor crack in poured concrete foundation $1000 and up

Electric Repairs – Upgrades

Upgrade electrical service to 200 amps 2000 -3000 and up

Add repair conventional receptacle 150-200


Install heating system $5000 – 10000 and up

Install independent air conditioning system 15,000 and up


Remove oil tank from basement 800-1500 and up

Remove abandoned underground oil tank $5000 and up


Replace toilet $500 and up

Replace basin $600 and up

Replace water heater 2000 and up

Install sump pump $1200 and up

  • Windows
  •  replacement windows $500-700 each