New Radon Regulations

Radon Testing Changes

The Department of Environmental Protection for State of New Jersey (DEP) strongly regulates Radon testing and mitigation. In order to test for radon you must be licensed by the state and follow all of the rules and standards.  As of December 3, 2022 new rules and the way existing standards are regulated will be changing. Many of the old procedures have been kept in place, but now will be regulated. These changes will impact real estate transactions including single family, multiply family buildings. This document summary addresses the changes to standard charcoal canisters testing:

What Is the Same?

  • Closed building conditions must be kept 12 hours prior to the start of the test and must be maintained for the duration of the test. Closed building conditions simply means exterior doors and windows should not be open except for momentary entry or exit.
  • The radon canisters must be left in the home for a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 144 hours
  • The radon canisters test is required to be set at the lowest livable level of the building. The DEP is recommending at all levels of the building be tested
  • The radon test canister must be placed at least 20 inches off the floor, 3 feet away from exterior windows/doors and a minimum of 4 inches away from wall or other objects.

What Is New?

Occupant Notification: The DEP is requesting that the Building Occupant be issued and sign a non-interference agreement prior to radon testing. The agreement states that the building occupant agrees to maintain closed conditions 12 hours prior to testing, will not disturb the test and that the test has been conducted under closed building conditions. We at Roots Home Inspection will be providing this agreement to the buyer’s realtor and lawyer to be distributed to the building occupant. This document will be emailed when the inspection is booked. The DEP prefers that this document is signed but the regulations as of now states that we need to attempt to get it signed.

Duplicate Can Placement: The DEP as of Dec 3rd 2022 will not be accepting any single can testing. Every test must have a duplicate test set at the same time and set within 4-8 inches of each other.  We at Roots Home Inspection plan to keep pricing the same in this challenging market but cost of test kits and processing will be escalating.

Note : The DEP is requiring a new certification/licensed for Multifamily radon testing. There is host of new regulations for building of 3 family and up. We at Roots Home Inspection have been through the requirement and have the new certification/license.


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