Roof Types



gable replaceGable Roof


Hip Roof


Mansard Roof


Gambrel Roof


Flat Roof


Shed Roof

rjekin Jerkinhead Roof rpyrami

Pyramid Roof


rgable2The Gable Roof

The Gable Roof is the most common roof in this area. It features a triangle shape created by two sloping faces that meet at the top ridge. It is the typical roof drawn by a child.  The typical material installed on gable roofs is fiberglass/asphalt shingles.  Shingles are usually changed at 25 years

rhipThe Hip Roof

The 2nd most common is the Hip Roof. The hip typically features a gentle pitch, with all sides sloping toward the walls of a home. They are almost always at the same pitch or slope, which makes them symmetrical. The typical material installed on hip roofs is fiberglass/asphalt shingles.   Shingles are usually changed at 25 years

rflatThe Flat Roof

The 3rd most common roof in this area is the Flat Roof. Rolled rubber is used on flat roof and typically last 15 years


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