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An Inspection’s purpose is to provide knowledge. Not to send the buyer running.  Why Choose Roots Inspection?

Communication – We encourage buyers to attend the inspection. Both Bill Sr and Bill Jr use non-alarming language to help deliver a key understanding of “What really matters”.

Knowledge – Most all homes have issues and most of these concerns have solutions. Our inspector’s own many properties, We have built structures and flip houses regularly. We know what and how to maintain and prioritize issues.  

 Solutions – Just because it is older does not mean it needs to be replaced. We take into account, maintenance and wear factors for a full view of the components.  

Availability – Roots Inspection’s office is fully staffed, and we always answer the phone/text and emails. Being available to our customers can help stop buyer concerns from growing into issues. We deliver reports in 24 hours. We have a multitude of referrals to share.

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