Are They Termites?

Springtime Swarming

A Termite Inspection is usually a standard part of most Home Inspections. Termites are a wood-destroying threat to a home and are usually not visible to the untrained eye.


Wood destroying insects are not limited to just termites. A Termite Inspection covers all wood-destroying insects i.e.:   Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees & Powder Post Beetles

Mortgage companies request a clear termite certification before closing. When your client arranges an inspection with us, we will inspect the home/building, including radon and termite, at a package price.

How do I know I have Termites?

–    Stray wings found near doors, windows and/or garage.

–    Tiny holes on any wood surfaces in or outside of your home.

–    Paint that has started to bubble on wood surfaces.

–    Mud tunnels lining the foundation of your house.

–    Springtime swarming.

The Termite Inspection will detect infestation/activity as well as areas with damage and in need of repair. In the event that damage is detected, a diagram of the affected area will be provided.

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