Common Bathroom Issues

The bathroom is a place which contains many fixtures and appliances. With more fixtures and appliances, the more an inspector must check, and the more items that could possibly need repair. Issues can typically range from cracked tiles, leaking faucets or running toilets. This article will outline several of the most common bathroom issues which are found during the duration of the home inspection.

Running Toilet: Running toilets are a common issue found during a home inspection. “Running” means the toilet tank is allowing water to flow into the toilet bowl when the toilet is not being flushed. Typically, this is the result of an older flapper, the piece which stops the water from flowing into the toilet bowl. When flappers get old, they can shrink and allow water to slip by, this creates the running toilet. Although this is typical cause, it is still recommended to have the toilet evaluated by a licensed plumber as there can be other reasons that the toilet is running.

Leaking Faucet: Leaking faucets are another common issue found during a home inspection. Leakage from a faucet can be found in several areas such as the spout, handles or water connections beath the sink. Sometimes leaking faucets can be repairs and other times leaking faucets must be replaced. It is recommended that a licensed plumber is called in to determine the repair necessary to stop the leakage.

Broken Tub/Sink Stopper: Tub/Sink stoppers are commonly found in disrepair upon evaluation during a home inspection. Issues found with stoppers range from being disconnected, damaged and many time are missing all together. If the stopper is just disconnected from the control mechanism a plumber can make an easy repair to get the stopper in working order. If the stopper is damaged, missing or broken the stopper will need to be replaced in order to allow for proper function.

Tile Issues: Tiles is a typically material found in a majority of the bathrooms which are inspected. Tile issues can range from cracked tiles, loose tiles, missing tiles or loose/missing grout or caulk. Missing or damaged tiles/components can lead for water leakage beneath floor and walls. It is recommended that a qualified contractor, familiar with tile installation and repairs, is brought in to make all necessary repairs or replacements to prevent water leakage.

Bathroom Ventilation: Ventilation of a bathroom is important and is common issues found during a home inspection. Bathrooms are required to have either a working vent fan or a window to allow for ventilation. Typical issues found with bathroom ventilation during a home inspection include but are not limited to: Bathroom lacks fan or window, vent fan is not operable, or the fan is not properly vented to the exterior. These issues can all be resolved by a licensed HVAC contractor, repairs or replacements of vent fans or components would be determined by the contractor