EFIS – Exterior Siding

EFIS systems are commonly used as the exterior siding and components. Here is Bill senior.  EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System) is an multi-layer “synthetic” stucco that is much softer than traditional stucco and has the appearance of stucco.

We are not EIFS experts & did not inspect it. We will identify the material and report any visible issues. There is a history of moisture & mold problems when it is improperly installed.

These visible issues may include cracking and damage. Improperly installed or damaged EIFS siding can allow water to become trapped behind the EIFS and cause serious moisture-related problems including wood rot and mold.

Wood Peckers holes are visible in this picture.

Further evaluation, testing and repairs by a qualified EIFS Specialist is recommended for safety and to determine the adequacy of the installation.