How to Attend a Home Inspection 101

  1. Attend Your Home Inspection! It is highly recommended to attend the inspection of your prospective home. This will give you the ability to ask questions and get a better understanding of issues discovered over the course of the inspection. Our inspectors are well versed in the construction field and will be able to break issues down into simpler terms for better understanding for buyers. Additionally, our inspectors have renovated several houses and can provide clients excellent ideas regarding projects they may undertake in their new homes.
  2. Budget an Appropriate Amount of Time! Don’t rush to an inspection. Show up on time or early for the home inspection and budget at least 2-3 hours for the inspection process, that way the buyer is relaxed. A relaxed mind is a mind that can better process the information at hand.
  3. Pay Attention to The Inspector! The inspector will have a lot of information to provide regarding issues and how your home work’s/operates. Make sure to follow the inspector through the home, if you don’t follow the inspector through each step of the way it will make it much more difficult to understand your inspection report. Even though the inspector will provide a fully inspection report it is recommended that to take notes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, our inspectors are extremely knowledgeable and can answer questions regarding your which are inspection or non-inspection related.