It’s Raining on Home Inspection Day !

Many a time I have had Buyers want to postpone their home inspection due to weather forecasts of rain.  Save this email, and prevent their worries.


          Roof/flashing leaks will be more visible

          Basement/crawlspace water penetration issues will be more apparent

          Radon readings are strongest during severe weather

          Issues with grade slope may be demonstrated


–        Rain may prevent the home inspector from climbing the roof.  What we can do then     is take a second look when Bill returns to the property to pick up the radon can.

We recommend wearing protective rain gear, and that shoes be removed before entering the Seller’s home.  Bill Root is trained to respect the cleanliness of the home, and the Buyers must be just as careful.

A Home Inspection is just a snapshot in time. Why not inspect in adverse conditions? The Home Inspector will not melt!