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Roots Home Inspection is Featured in “Broker/Agent Magazine”

We are proud to have been selected as the Company of the Month featured in the June 2007 issue of  Broker/Agent Magazine. This profile takes a look into the background of Roots Home Inspection and the services we provide.   Read the full text below.

Home Inspection Service 24/7 with a Smile

By Joan Stableford

When Bill Root of Roots Home Inspection in Westfield, N.J. promises “you’ll always get the expert,” he really means it. Bill is fully licensed and performs all the home inspections himself.

Roots Home Inspection is one stop shopping; services include all aspects of the structure, termite, radon, asbestos, mold and lead.  Reasonable package pricing is available for Radon/Termite/Structure. Each home inspection is thorough; an average home inspection lasts two hours in duration. Reports are completed electronically and delivered within 24 hours of the inspection – a trademark of their business. Reports include summary pages and Roots provides copies to the client, realtor and lawyer. They can also provide a network for referrals to home repair specialists.

“Our reports are straight to the point and clearly show what Really Matters,” said Bill with pride. Bill is known for his ability to communicate, experience and fair-minded services.  Roots ability to get right to the point is demonstrated in their reporting. Reports contain a summary of repairs and a separate section for notes and maintenance points.

A graduate of St. John’s University with a B.S. degree in Business, Bill grew up surrounded by people in the real estate and building industries – his grandfather, Sanguiliano, a builder in Scotch Plains, and his dad, Bill Root II, a longtime real estate investor. Shortly after graduation, Bill worked in transportation and exporting. At the same time, he invested in houses and condos, renovating them and then selling them for a profit. After meeting one exceptional home inspector about seven years ago, Bill decided to obtain his certification and licenses and return to his roots – hence, Roots Home Inspection was born.

“Melanie (his wife) communicates the inspection findings to all of the interested parties in a language and format that they can quickly and easily comprehend,” says Bill.

In 2001, Melanie left her position as director of strategic planning at Dun & Bradstreet. Utilizing her years of experience as a systems analyst for AT&T, she totally automated the business. Melanie holds a BS in Marketing and Masters in Business. Melanie manages the company’s web site marketing and the reporting. Roots Home Inspections has become a family affair, relying upon their wealth of experience.

“By combining our talents, our business became powerful. Bill engages people and explains all aspects of the house; without alarming them. He tells them what they really need to know,” says Melanie. Typical home problems include grading/drainage, improper electrical wiring, roof damage, heating systems and general maintenance issues.

A package including Radon/Termite/Structure on a typical 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home will cost $425. Note that in the northern New Jersey area, home sales are priced anywhere from $450,000 to more than $1 million. They also inspect larger structures, condo, town homes, multi-family homes and commercial buildings.

Bill’s reputation is built upon going the extra mile. Teri Malone of Weichert Westfield, said: “Thanks again for a superb job, Bill! As usual, you connected with my buyer and made them feel very comfortable about the home they had chosen. Even the seller mentioned he was impressed with your knowledge and professionalism.”

This hard-working team truly lives the motto, “We protect your biggest investment” states Bill. This includes he client’s purchase and the realtor’s reputation; the lawyer’s delivery and the mortgage broker’s collateral; etc.

As a bonus, Roots publishes a monthly newsletter to help educate and sometimes amuse.   “Our monthly newsletter is brief and helps inform our realtors, lawyers and mortgage brokers on ways to help serve their clients.” Melanie added. The hard-working pair keep a healthy perspective with on-the-job humor. In one monthly newsletter, they listed some home inspection “Bloopers,” including a picture of a fried mouse on an electrical panel.

Melanie and Bill are the proud parents of three young sons, Billy, 6, Bobby, 4, and Ben, 3. When they’re not working, the entire Root family enjoys the surf and fishing at their favorite New Jersey shore beaches.