Post inspection deal breakers

Roots Home Inspection surveyed local attorneys with regard to post inspection deal breakers. The response was it’s not just the issue itself but “How the inspector communicated the issue”.

Roots encourages each client to attend the inspection. Bill Root’s non-alarming delivery is key to understanding what really matters.

End of Life – Just because it is older does not mean it needs to be replaced. Our reports clearly state whether the system was functioning and what the manufacturer’s recommended life expectancy is.  

Radon – Roots Home Inspection explains to each client what radon is when they book an inspection. In the event of high radon reading, we personally call the realtor first and then the client to explain the options available in a non alarming manner.

Termites – Wood destroying insects are not to be feared, just treated.  A very seasoned realtor once told me there are 3 types of houses. One with current termite activity, one with past activity and one that will have activity one day.

Refer Bill Root He Knows What Really Matters

Roots Home Inspection’s office is fully staffed and we always answer the phone.  Being available to our customers eliminates the possibility of concerns growing into issues.