The Deal Breaker – A True Story

Jack’s job got relocated out of state and he needed to sell his home.
His house was in good shape and soon he was in contract with a buyer.

The buyer’s inspection took place, and the inspector came up with  a 25-page narrative report detailing $70,000 dollars worth of repairs.
The report was hard to follow and was full of generalities, causing the buyers to unrealistically tally the worst case scenarios.

The buyers ran scared, and the deal was dead!

The house went back on the market, but this time Jack hired Roots Home Inspection to complete a formal pre-sale inspection.
Confident in Bill Root’s abilities, Jack did the following:

  • Completed Bill’s recommended repairs totaling $3,400
  • Showcased this report as a selling point to potential buyers
  • Had confidence in the next inspection.

Don’t let an alarmist inspector or a poorly organized report ruin your buyer’s purchase or delay the sale of your listing. Call Roots Home
Inspection for a thorough, fair inspection at a moderate price.

(True recent story – seller’s name changed for privacy.)