Seller’s Prep for Home Inspection Checklist

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landscapeLandscaping Clear away wood piles and debris that are in contact with the house
Remove all soil/mulch in contact with the exterior siding around the foundation
Trim or remove all vines/bushes/branches in contact with the home or service cables
 porch Porch/Patio/Deck ☐ Secure loose handrails
 roofRoofing ☐ Fix any loose shingles or nail pops on the roof
If a newer installation, provide a copy of the roofer’s contract/warranty
Remove moss growing on roof shingles
 chimenyChimney/Flue   Add chimney cap to the top exterior chimney flue
 guttersGutters & Leaders  ☐ Clean gutters
Add splash plates and extensions to the gutter downspouts
 windowsWindows ☐ Check that all windows open and close
Check that all windows stay up on their own
Repair all windows that have broken seals/cracks
 Exterior Doors ☐ Replace any double cylinder locks on entry doors
  garageGarage     ☐ Clear out clutter from garage, especially around perimeter
Seal all holes in walls and ceilings
Install fire rated door
Check auto reverse feature for electric overhead garage door opener
  Remove or secure pets
Remove all heavy clutter, stored items, shelves or other blockages
Make sure home is clean
Repair any holes/nail pops in walls and ceiling
Interior Doors Make sure all doors open and close freely
 stairsInterior Stairs  Install/secure handrails on interior stairs
  fireplaceFireplace Clear debris from firebox
Make sure gas log remote is available
Make sure damper opens
 kitchenKitchen  Make sure all kitchen faucets are working
 Make sure all stove burners light
Make sure all doors open and close without rubbing
 tolietBathroom Make sure all sink/shower/tub faucets are working
Make sure all toilets flush
☐ Make sure all fixtures drain properly
 atticAttic   If present, make sure attic ladder is in working order
Make sure there is access to the attic – i.e., clear clutter from closet entrance
 basementBasement   ☐ Remove clutter
☐ Make sure crawl space is accessible for entrance
☐ Reattach fallen insulation in crawl spaces
☐ Mitigate any substance that appears to be mold-like
☐ Test sump pump
☐ Add a dehumidifier to help reduce humidity
☐ Check that sump pump discharges outside the foundation and not in the municipal waste
 insectWood Destroying Insects ☐ Complete a termite inspection prior to the home inspection
☐ Provide any treatment or repair receipts/warranties
       Utilities  Make sure all utilities are turned on
Make sure filters are in place and are in good condition
  heatingHeating Systems         .  Turn on the heating if it is not working and have it serviced
Make sure filters are in place and are in good condition
 air conditionerAir Conditioning If the air conditioning unit is not working, have it serviced (test only if temp is above 50 degrees)
 electricElectrical System ☐ Secure all outlet covers and replace any that are missing
☐ Make all remotes available for fireplaces, fans etc.
☐ Make sure electrical panel is accessible and has 3 feet of clearance
☐ Check and replace all burned out light bulbs
☐ Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in kitchen and bathrooms
 water hetaerWater Heater      ☐ Note: Water heaters over 10 years old will be flagged as older
oil tankOil Tank      ☐ Provide certification that the oil tanks scans were clear or that a tank was removed
repairsRecent Repairs      All repairs should be performed by qualified, reputable contractors Provide all repair receipts and warranties
Renovated House    Provide all contract/swarranties/agreements for the appliances and systems
Provide all permits and documents related to the necessary inspections completed
Condo/Townhouses  Provide a copy of the association’s rules/responsibilities



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